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Strategic Analysis


Partner with LIPG to establish a baseline value, identify exit strategies, and align future business decisions with your long-term goals.

Strategic Analysis

Benefits to Your Business

1. Comprehensive assessment of the factors impacting your business operations and the value of our property.

2. Strategic exit planning for growing your business or monetizing the asset. 

3. Detailed financial analysis.

4. Market and competitive analyses.

5. The fair market value of your asset in the current market.


Every Strategic Analysis compares your property to immediate competition and comparable recent sales. These insights are valuable whether you are interested in selling or plan to continue operations.


The Strategic Analysis is a tool that is meant to be updated as 1) your business changes and 2) your personal goals change. LIPG advisory services complement the financial component of the Strategic Analysis by providing lessons gleaned from underwriting and advising on $4B worth of leisure assets. This allows you to implement this market knowledge in your own strategic decision-making.

Strategic Planning

At every stage in your ownership cycle, there are personal, property, market, financial, and sometimes legal factors impacting your situation. Part of our process includes uncovering these factors to help you navigate the various implications for your ideal future.


The Strategic Analysis values your property in the current market. Your first Strategic Analysis establishes your property’s baseline valuation and operating metrics – subsequent Strategic Analyses can be used as a platform to further grow your business, increase value, and achieve your exit goals in the future.


Every Strategic Analysis is packaged with side-by-side comparisons of your property’s operating performance over the last 3-4 years to show you trends, margin improvement, and how your metrics compare to the competition.

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Research & Analysis

The Strategic Analysis provides clients with up-to-date industry research, local market research, competitive pricing sets, recent comparable sales, thorough financial analysis, a pro forma business plan, and much more.






Long-Term planning

Be prepared for when those inevitable surprises and obstacles show up at your doorstep. This could be storm damage, declining occupancy, or personal matters. Having a set of strategies ready to implement will help you navigate uncertainty much more confidently.

Benchmark for Growth

Today’s valuation will most likely be different from tomorrow’s. By establishing a value today, you will develop a plan for growing your business which will allow you to stay ahead of obstacles and not miss those coveted opportunities when they arise.







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