Commercial Real Estate Lending

We structure, arrange and service first mortgage, bridge, and mezzanine loans for Office, Retail, Industrial, Multi-family and other traditional real estate products in the across the U.S. Terms vary based on asset performance and loan-to-value request. Terms included fixed and floating rates, short and long-term loan duration, interest-only and amortizing structures with non-recourse loan structures.

Commercial Real Estate Lending Program

Eligible Locations: MSA’s within the U.S. and its territories exhibiting stable or improving economic fundamentals.

Property Types: Office, Retail, Industrial, Multi-Family, Self-Storage, Manufactured Housing, Healthcare and other similar type properties.

Loan Amount: Minimum $3M.

Loan Term: 3 – 15 year terms.

Amortization: Interest-only structures; 20 – 30 year terms

Interest Rates: Fixed and Floating (Competitive rates based on lender, risk profile and loan size).

Adjusted Operating Income: Operating Cash Flow less standard Management Fees and required CapEx reserves.

Loan to Value: Typically up to 75% of Appraised Value on First Mortgages.

Mezzanine and Bridge Structures: May be available for qualified properties.

Sponsor/Borrower: Creditworthy individual(s) or entity acceptable to lender with sufficient liquidity and net worth. Recourse and Non-Recourse terms available.

Borrowing Entity: Single asset or special purpose entity required depending on loan size.

SBA Program: LIPG offers SBA structured loans for qualified transactions.

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