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The Leisure Investment Properties Group specializes in the marketing of leisure activity properties which include golf courses for sale, resorts for sale, marinas for sale, ski resorts for sale and master planned communities for sale.  Our golf course brokers, marina brokers, and ski resort brokers have a combined 75+ years of leisure properties and brokerage experience. This, coupled with the most powerful leisure property marketing platform in the nation, provides benefits for golf courses, resorts, marinas, ski resorts, and master-planned communities, as well as buyers and investors looking for the golf course for lease, resorts for sale, marinas for sale, ski resorts for sales or master planned communities for sale and real estate investment services.

Our distinctive capability to maximize results for leisure investment property owners stems from our unique ability to access institutional, international and private capital. It is our unrivaled access to the latter which we believe will have a significant impact on buyer demand and consequently pricing for your leisure investment property that you may be considering selling, exchanging, refinancing or holding. Our buyers not only have access to golf courses, resorts, marinas, ski resorts, and master planned communities but to the largest source of investment properties of all types in the United States, which provides our buyers with an advantage over other buyers.

Since 1971, Marcus & Millichap has been a pioneer in the real estate investment industry, launching a revolutionary business model that matches each property with the largest pool of pre-qualified investors. The innovation continues today as Marcus & Millichap uses its unrivaled property marketing system, plus the skills of close to 2,000 investment specialists to provide customized services in every property type nationwide and Canada. For our investors, sellers, and buyers who are specifically interested in any of our leisure investment properties, the Leisure Investment Properties Group was formed to provide the expertise and specialization needed for these investment grade property types.

Leisure Investment Property Specialization Executing in a Challenging Market

By dedicating all of our focus, resources and training to real estate investment services, golf, resorts, marinas, ski resorts and master planned communities, we offer an unmatched level of experience and expertise. The leisure industry is unique to other forms of investment property sales, and a thorough understanding of how these types of investments are operated, the issues that owners face, financing, the business models of each and the subtleties of the investor groups is what leads to our unrivaled success.

Access to More Private Capital Than Any Other Source

Our leisure investment properties specialization and submarket focus results in relationships with more private and institutional investors than any other firm. With the significant number of golf courses, resorts, marinas, ski resorts and master planned communities for sale on our website, as well as, the number of golf courses, resorts, marinas and master planned communities we sell per year, our access to those leisure investment property investors is unmatched in the brokerage industry.

Competitive, Reliable Financing for Leisure Investment Properties

Marcus & Millichap Capital Corporation (MMCC) maintains relationships with the industry’s leading national and regional lenders, providing all types of financing for golf courses, resorts, marinas, ski resorts, master planned communities and all property types nationwide at every price point.

Bridging Private and Institutional Capital

Our dominance in the private investor market results in substantial capital seeking larger, institutional properties such as golf courses, resorts, marinas, ski resorts and master planned communities. Our specialty groups have long-term relationships with the nation’s most prominent institutions and assist them in market analysis and acquisition and disposition of golf courses, resorts, marinas, ski resorts and other Leisure properties nationally.

Cross-Over Buyers

As many resorts have a combination of hospitality, golf, marinas and ski resorts and individual investment groups own different combinations of these assets, many of the owners in one leisure property asset class own others. In fact, if an investor has had success in one leisure asset class, they are more apt to invest in another class as business models are similar as a way to chase yield and provide diversification. In the same way, traditional buyers of commercial real estate, such as hotel owners, apartment owners and retail owners will cross over into the leisure investment property market to buy golf course investment, resorts, marinas, ski resorts and master planned community properties. Since Marcus & Millichap is the largest broker of commercial investment properties in the U.S., we have the most cross-over buyers of leisure investment properties of any other firm, providing a significant benefit to our sellers.

Special Assets Services

In 2008, Marcus & Millichap’s Special Assets Services (SAS) division conducted over 2,000 assignments for financial institutions and government agencies. This division encompasses nine regions covering the nation and leveraging the industry’s largest sales force and most powerful marketing platform. The Leisure Investment Properties Group provides the unique expertise needed to market REO golf courses, resorts, marinas and master planned communities – nationwide.

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