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The marina brokers of the the Leisure Investment Properties Group focus exclusively on providing investment advisory (research, valuation, consulting and REO services) and transaction services (marinas for sale, disposition, and acquisition) for marinas and marina resorts. The marina brokers of the Leisure Investment Properties Group leverages Marcus & Millichap’s network of close to 2,000 investment specialists in offices nationwide to expose marina properties to the largest possible pool of qualified investors. As the largest group of marina brokers in the country, our success is unrivaled in the marina industry.

Our distinctive capability to maximize results for marina owners stems from our unique ability to access institutional, international and private capital, coupled with the national platform of Marcus & Millichap. It is our unrivaled access to private capital which we believe will have a significant impact on buyer demand and consequently pricing for your marina property that you may be considering selling, exchanging, refinancing or holding. Our buyers not only have access to numerous marinas for sale, but to the largest source of investment properties of all types in the United States, which provides our buyers with an advantage over other buyers.

Marina Buyers/Investors

If you are looking to transact in the marina airspace, our team of marina experts will guide you using extensive due diligence reporting and real-time market data, coupled with expertise in every aspect of marina real estate investment in their respective markets. You may be looking to acquire a cash-flowing marina investment for short, medium or long-term gain. You may also be looking for value-add opportunities or distressed assets that present a more unique opportunity and potentially better fit for your investment strategy. Whatever the case may be, our marina brokers can identify the most suitable opportunities in the market and provide a comprehensive overview of each marina opportunity, answer questions and help determine which assets will be the best fit.

Pre-Analyzed Inventory

Our team provides the largest inventory of exclusively listed marina properties in the nation. The inventory of income-producing properties is nationally recognized for its size, thoroughness of presentation and quality of detail. We operate with high underwriting standards and management-driven quality controls to assure that every property represented is deliverable, and supported with credible and current information. Furthermore, our inventory is constantly changing and expanding, with new opportunities in new locations coming to the market, allowing our marina brokers to provide numerous investment opportunities to our clients.

Featured Listings:

Fall Creek Marina & Campground | $2,550,000
Confidential NW Marina | $14,500,000
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