Why the LIPG Golf Division

When it comes to golf courses for sale, we give every client a “white-glove” service by taking an institutional-grade approach to the underwriting, packaging, and marketing process. Each golf advisor works with an out-of-state broker (when applicable) to pre-qualify buyers – this limits property tours for only serious buyers, which saves you headaches and fewer disruptions on the property. Our ~50-page Offering Memorandums (OM) further show buyers historical financial data, margins, return metrics and a comprehensive business plan (i.e. path to continue growing or improve the property) that will suggest the buyer put their best foot forward when submitting an offer. 

Our golf-specific Letter of Intent (LOI) helps save you money in attorney fees, as well as achieve a quicker close than our competitors. With the ability to start Due Diligence from LOI (compared to starting from a fully executed contract), we cut the closing time by 60-90 days for a close that is nearly half the time of our competitors.

Our golf advisors are constantly gathering market research to ensure we stay on top of the latest news, trends and data. Our industry and market knowledge supports an aggressive, yet credible, underwriting process to ensure the highest, financeable list price for your golf course. We accurately price risk, volatility and overall NOI composition to ensure you are not leaving any money on the table. For comparison, our institutional-grade underwriting process is similar to how a shopping center is sold to a REIT – this challenges a buyer’s underwriting and allows us to defend the net operating income (NOI) with factual data and historical operating performance, which leads to higher-priced offers. 

In conjunction with proactive marketing efforts and a database of 28,000+ investors, the LIPG golf advisor and broker team puts more eyes on your deal, increases the probability of receiving numerous offers on your property for a higher price, and puts MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET.

The LIPG golf advisor and broker team provides the largest inventory of exclusively listed golf course properties in the nation. The inventory of income-producing properties is nationally recognized for its size, thoroughness of presentation and quality of detail. We operate with high underwriting standards and management-driven quality controls to assure that every property represented is deliverable, and supported with credible and current information. Furthermore, our inventory is constantly changing and expanding, with new opportunities in new locations coming to the market, allowing our golf brokers to provide numerous investment opportunities to our clients.

Our transaction experience throughout Florida and in conjunction with strong out-of-state broker relationships greatly reduces the likelihood of obstacles or preventing a deal from closing because there is very little that we have not encountered. The marketing process each LIPG golf advisor, and out-of-state broker when applicable, executes on has proven to maximize the value of each individual asset, largely due to:

  • Extensive underwriting process that ensures competitive pricing
  • Largest industry database of investors regionally, nationally and internationally
  • Extensive due diligence and market data that is specific to an investor’s investment criteria
  • Pre-qualified financing for each investment property
  • Industry benchmark analysis to identify key operating metrics and investment upside
  • LIPG pro forma business plan for new owner
  • Recent sales activity and trends to further support accurate pricing

In today’s investment environment, golf buyers ranger from institutions like hedge funds, REITs, and family offices, to high-net worth individuals, families and cross-product type buyers. Also readily seeking golf investments are international investors. Our team’s ability to access capital in international markets allows us to attract investors chasing US yields. Of the ~2,000 clients we deal with in the Private Equity community, over 25% are international-based. In the Venture Capital airspace, approximately 40% of the ~2,500 are investing from outside the United States. And of the remaining 25,000+ client database (including developers) we’ve created selling golf and marina assets over the past 10 years, approximately 7,000 are based internationally.

When you partner with the LIPG, you can rest assured that your LIPG golf broker will execute a very institutional and professional marketing effort that captures the largest buyer pool for your marina property. 

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