Things You Need to Know About Living in a Golf Course Community

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There is something magical about living in a golf community. 

The lush green backdrop stretching miles on end, meticulously designed landscapes, a fine home, and leisure-filled lifestyle – everything seems just apt to create a heaven on earth. However, besides the perk of prime life, there are other factors as well that make the investment in golf community an advantage. 

If you are also contemplating to invest in golf real estate, give this article a good read. We have tried to narrow down all possible advantages of buying a golf-front property along with other aspects that are worth a thought. Have a good read to make an informed decision – 

  1. It is a Long Term Investment 

A few years back, investing in golf course wasn’t the first choice of people. After the recession that hit the United States of America in the year 2008, the golf property market had significantly dropped down. However, fast forward to 2019; it is finally a buyer’s market for those keen on investing in leisure properties like golf estates.  

At this time when the market for golf property is flourishing again, it could be a smart move to buy a property yourself or look for a real estate investment services company to help you find your ideal home. The luxury and exclusivity attached with a golf property gives it an edge over other real estate developments and makes it more lucrative to invest in. The amenities like golf courses, landscaped gardens, elegant home, clubhouse, waterfront, and the impressive view will only enhance the value of the property over time and fetch a good resale value even after years. 

2. You are Surrounded Amidst Greenery

Golf estates offer an unmatched lifestyle yearned by many. Such properties are not just four-walled homes, but a sanctuary surrounded amidst greenery. Whether you are looking for a retirement home to enjoy a quiet, serene life, or a family house to reap the benefits of the social stature offered by these properties, you will find everything at the golf estates listed on our website.

3. It is Priced just the Right 

Most homebuyers are of the opinion that houses in a golf course are on a more expensive side and thus an unobtainable luxury. Although true, but only an experienced leisure real estate broker will tell that the property prices are only slightly higher than similar realty. However, you should consider this as a premium in exchange for the healthier and happier life you will experience. As compared to other neighborhood, the quality of life at such properties is refined and superior. 

4. Scintillating View to Greet You

The view offered by the golf course homes is another reason that makes it appealing and irresistible. You draw the curtains, and the first thing that greets your eyes is the sun rising from the meadows reaching for the sky. The first sound that hits your ears is the chirping of songbirds singing along the breeze. 

Most golf course apartments and villas are mounted on hills to ensure that you are greeted with a great view all year round. Such estates have more than a golf course. They come with well-designed and maintained gardens, theme parks, swimming pool, and fountains that equally contribute to making the whole property aesthetically alluring. 

5. It is Secure and Safe

Given how isolated the golf properties and resorts usually are, homebuyers and investors are always concerned about the safety of their house and family. However, golf properties are well secured and monitored through surveillance systems and highly trained security personnel. Everyone entering and leaving the estate are thoroughly checked and inquired before passing the checkpoint to ensure the safety of everyone living in the property. 

Having a secured neighborhood also comes in handy when wanting to sell the house later. Since golf properties are situated away from crowded suburbs and localities, there is no chance of having a bad neighbor. 

6. You Build a Community 

It is apparent that those living at the golf course share the same interests and enjoy the same social status. And when such like-minded individuals come together, they form a strong community bonded together with life values. 

7. You Can Play Golf 24/7 

The most significant factor that attracts investors towards golf estate is easy access to the golf court. For those who want to tee off their day, a golf course is just a walk away. If you are someone who loves a good game of golf, these golf properties will make for an ideal deal.

As we have seen above, there are many advantages to investing in a golf property, however, to make an informed decision, it is equally important to look at the downside of buying a golf estate property. 

  1. High Maintenance Charges 

The gorgeous view offered with the golf course property comes with high maintenance and upkeep charges. It takes a lot of equipment and labor to keep the surroundings well-manicured and polished at all times. In such areas, lawnmowers can be heard throughout the day, which may take away the peace you were looking for. 

2. Lack of Privacy 

When the season is right, and the downpour of golf players is high, accept little or no privacy. Since during peak golfing season, there is a parade of golfers throughout the day. In such a situation, you might miss the seclusion that made you invest in golf real estate. Moreover, there are chances a wayward golf ball may find its way to your window and smash it. 

Final Thoughts 

When buying a property in a golf estate, it is advisable to go through all the considerations before making the final call. To avoid disturbances, it is best to check the layout of the entire estate and select a house which is not too close to the golf course. 

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