REO / Special Assets Services

The Leisure Investment Properties Group of Marcus & Millichap is the largest firm specializing in commercial real estate investment services nationally, consequently we advise and sell more REO assets including golf courses, resorts, marinas and master planned communities for lenders than any other firm. 

Backed by the industry’s largest investment sales force and foremost research team, our Special Assets Services (SAS) division provides a full range of solutions for lenders nationwide from early-stage assessment, receiver/management company recommendations and valuation through disposition of REO and bank owned golf , resort, marina and master planned community properties.

A Proven System – The Broadest Access to Private Capital

In the early 1990s, the Resolution Trust Corporation ( RTC ) and numerous regional and national financial institutions relied heavily on Marcus & Millichap to dispose of over 5,000 distressed commercial assets. Since then, our cutting-edge technology, expertise and national coverage have grown exponentially with a steadfast focus on real estate investment specialization.


Marcus & Millichap Highlights
    • Founded in 1971mandmlocationmap
    • 1,350 investment specialists in 75 offices
    • Relationships with more private investors than any other source
    • $20.7 billion in sales; 5,300 transactions closed in 2007 – Highest nationally
    • Extensive special assets services experience
    • Over 2,000 special assets assignments in 2008
    • Industry-leading market research locally, nationally
  • Expertise includes apartments, hospitality, industrial, land, manufactured housing, office, retail, self-storage, seniors housing and commercial loans


Lender and Government Relationships

Lenders and government agencies depend on us to maximize liquidity and mitigate loss because of our track record of combining deep product and market knowledge with long-standing special assets experience. In 2008 alone, the SAS division has advised lenders and government agencies on over 2,000 special assets including more than 300 dispositions from Apartment buildings to golf courses, whether it is an REO, sub or nonperforming, or bank owned leisure property.

  • Ameresco
  • Archon Group
  • Bank of America
  • Bank One
  • Bank of Lincoln County
  • BB&T Bank
  • BBX Capital
  • Beal Bank
  • Capmark Financial
  • Capital Crossing
  • Chase Manhattan Bank
  • China Trust Bank
  • Chrysler First Business Corporation
  • Citibank
  • Commercial Bank of Korea
  • Dean Witter International
  • East West Bancorp
  • Fannie Mae
  • FDIC
  • Fleet National Bank
  • Freddie Mac
  • GE Capital
  • GMAC
  • Guardian Life Insurance
  • HK Realty
  • Immobilia International
  • ING Realty Partners
  • Korea First Bank
  • La Salle National Bank
  • Lennar Partners
  • Lincoln Acceptance Corporation
  • Mercantile National Bank
  • Metropolitan Life Insurance
  • M&T Bank
  • North Alabama Bank• Ocwen Federal Bank
  • Provident Life Insurance Company
  • One West Bank
  • Pacific Life
  • PNC Bank
  • Providian Life and Health Insurance
  • Prudential Insurance
  • Regency Savings Bank
  • RTC Mortgage Trust
  • Silverleaf Financial
  • Textron Financial Services
  • United Bank
  • US Small Business Administration
  • Washington Mutual
  • Wilshire State Bank
  • Wells Fargo Bank
  • World Savings


Special Assets Solutions

Our defining value proposition is to quickly and accurately assess, price, position and dispose of commercial real estate assets through a single point of contact by providing:

    • In-depth knowledge or leisure properties in any market from coast-to-coast, enabling lenders and government agencies to make decisions rapidly
    • Industry-leading access to the largest pool of private investors to maximize liquidity through both loan and real estate dispositions of golf course REOs and sub or nonperforming loans.
    • Deep understanding of loss mitigation options utilized to collaboratively explore creative alternatives
  • Leading-edge technology to give lenders and government agencies immediate and transparent oversight and reporting on assignments for single assets or large portfolios

A Structured Approach to REO / Foreclosure of Golf & Resort Properties – The Special Asset Continuum

Our services are tailored to assist financial institutions and government agencies proactively evaluate golf & resort assets prior to entering the special assets continuum and to help manage and dispose of those that have already become distressed.

    1. We provide accurate, real-time valuation of the underlying collateral to help lenders and government agencies decide whether to proceed with a golf course or resort foreclosure or explore work-out options.
    1. For assets in foreclosure or distressed status, our advisory services enable lenders and government agencies to determine the right strategy and timing including debtor cooperation, asset management, note sale or property disposition.
    1. Best-of-class providers are engaged for key services such as asset management/receivership and auctions as deemed appropriate for each golf course REO, foreclosed golf course or golf resort asset/ portfolio.
    1. Our national platform has been perfected to value, package and market assets to the largest pool of qualified golf course & golf resort investors rapidly. This is driven by our unparalleled access to private capital. We are uniquely positioned to maximize asset value relative to the necessary time frame for recovering capital.
    1. We provide guidance and counsel on property valuations in advance of foreclosure auctions, ensuring optimum decision-making during the bid process.
  1. Our unparalleled national capacity results in accelerated asset and portfolio disposition, facilitated by buyer financing options through Marcus & Millichap Capital Corporation as well as our golf lender relationships.



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