Portfolio Case Study

Confidential 5-Marina Portfolio

Portfolio Case Study


This portfolio case study is based on our client, Canada’s largest owner of residential land lease communities, RV resorts, and marinas (with $1.5B AUM which is owned by a pension fund with $120B AUM) and their portfolio of five marinas. Motivation for the sale originated when the firm’s investment strategy was refocused on core assets that make up the majority of the client’s portfolio. The sale was executed on a confidential basis, with a small pool of buyers approached with the opportunity. After reviewing the LIPG’s team and track record, the Strategic Analysis of each marina, and the collective analysis of the portfolio, the client chose the Leisure Investment Properties Group to represent the firm in the sale of the five-marina portfolio. Several influencing factors included: our team’s specialization; our established industry relationships; and our team’s proven ability to run a confidential marketing process in which only qualified bidders could participate.


Our team brought the portfolio to market unpriced and under a confidential veil as a very selective group of buyers were engaged. Specifically, the opportunity was taken to approximately 50 prospective buyers that had been pre-vetted with the client.  The portfolio was initially marketed for 30 days with tour dates set 45 to 60 days from the initial launch date. A Call for Offers was then held 75 days from the initial launch in which six offers were received.  A Best and Final was held with a deadline a week after the Call for Offers. Our process proved its merit with the number of offers generated and the importance of having those back-up buyers ready to execute.


The marketing process produced six offers and a winner was selected at the conclusion of the Best and Final (based on price and terms), with the winner agreed to under LOI. Our process generated five qualified and motivated back-up buyers in the event the winning bidder could not perform. This was the case when a few weeks later the winner dropped out due to tax issues relative to repatriation of earnings and a change to the minimum wage law. These factors occurred after the offers came in, so it was an unexpected hurdle that we seamlessly overcame by engaging the five back-up buyers and closing with a new buyer (with better terms) shortly after. 

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