“Very Impressed with your 1st Half Report. Unlike the many other “market updates” that exist, it is refreshing to finally receive information that is insightful and applicable in the industry’s current state”
– Scott Winch, Esquire, Hampton Golf 

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Investment Reports


The LIPG Golf Division is very active in golf research and sales data collection. Providing the most up-to-date, accurate and reliable industry information to help guide you in advisory services or future transactions, each golf broker seeks to stay on top of the market and overall industry. Our golf broker team compiles Golf Investment Reports every year to provide you with a very in-depth look at the golf market. Inside each edition includes:

  • Sales Data
  • Financing Options
  • Current Trends
  • Industry Shifts
  • Interviews with Well-Known Players in the Industry

Our goal is to provide golf owners and investors with the current information regarding golf assets to help make well-informed business decisions.

Our golf brokers are constantly speaking with owner and investors in the industry, learning new ideas, best practices and overall sentiment on the industry and where we are in today’s market. There are many moving parts in the golf business and as advisors, we strive to provide our clients with as much information as possible to make the best decision for their future. Doing so requires a tremendous level of involvement in the industry, which our team proudly accomplishes every year.

We have a very extensive and thorough database of golf sales throughout the United States and Canada, providing us with the knowledge base and vital data necessary for pricing and guiding owners and investors in smart business decisions. Staying ahead of the market and understanding how the industry is trending is a large focus as an investor, especially in the golf business. We hope our research simplifies the data collection and helps guide you in today’s market.

For more information regarding golf research and current trends/changes in the industry, please contact us. Our team of golf brokers is happy to assist you and your golf investment needs.

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