Golf Business (July 2014): A View from the Industry, My Take ~ Steven Ekovich

by / Tuesday, 01 July 2014 / Published in Company News, Golf, Master Planned Communities, Resorts

It’s kind of crazy that in this day and age we have something called women’s tees.  Three reasons:  It’s prejudiced towards women, it slows play, and it does little to grow the game.  But there is a solution.  The industry should consider embracing a gender-neutral system by using numbered teeing stations instead of colors.

Most courses have four sets of tees.  Some even have five.  By adding two or three additional tee boxes and numbering them from 1 – 7 (1 being the tips and 7 being the forward tees), golfers would have a greater opportunity to play a course that fits their game.  Most women would be playing the course between tees 5 (the current “ladies” tee).  Many high-handicap men would play from tees 4 through 6 without the stigma of being called a bunch of names that have female connotations.

Golf Business July 2014

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