Disposition Services

The Leisure Investment Properties Group has sold more leisure assets, (golf courses for sale, resorts, marinas and master planned communities), than any other broker in the US. We have a team of investment advisors that focus on finding buyers for your asset, which causes local, regional, national and international buyers to call us or visit our website and has contributed to the largest database of buyers in the industry. We have over 22,000 database contacts from all over the world. What that means to a seller, is the likelihood of the Leisure Investment Properties Group finding a buyer that will pay the highest price is significantly better than with any other firm or by yourself.

Seller Receives a Premium

The Leisure Investment Properties Group is able to sell leisure assets 25-30 basis points higher than our competition and the market overall. For every $1,000,000 of sales price, we put $250,000 more in the seller’s pocket at closing. That is real value and why our pricing, packaging, presentation and process is so critical to success.


In terms of the leisure asset pricing, no one will pay a top-of-the-market price unless a broker can explain how a buyer can create an above market return and can articulate a sound exit strategy. Anyone can sell these assets for you if you lower the price enough, but only the Leisure Investment Properties Group using our marketing tools, packaging, presentation skills and underwriting capabilities will be able to execute at the top of the market. Every buyer in the market today is looking to steal properties. The job of the Leisure Investment Properties Group is to prevent buyers from paying “a price they want to pay and instead making them pay a price they are willing to pay”. Our experience in over $3.5 billion dollars of transactions our group has been involved in, our leisure property management expertise, our 22,000 investor database, and our marketing process is what sets us apart in the disposition of leisure properties.

The Process

The seller supplies three years of financial statements and answers some questions from our critical data request. We then complete the following steps:

  • Analyze and review financials
  • Complete competitive survey of rates, rounds, conditions etc.
  • Complete a SWOT analysis of the competition to determine what the subject property can do better
  • Underwrite and price the asset
  • A representation agreement is signed
  • Create an offering memorandum and marketing tools
  • Initiate the marketing process
  • Field offers and council the seller on which buyer is the best buyer
  • Provide monthly written feedback
  • Select a buyer to go under contract with
  • Assist the seller in delivery of due diligence materials
  • Answer the buyers’ due diligence issues
  • Assist the buyer in the financing of the asset
  • Ensure the closing statements are correct for the seller
  • Close the transaction

National Marketing System

Marcus & Millichap was founded on a culture of information sharing throughout its salse force, creating the broadest possible exposure to qualified buyers. In support of this founding principle, the company has always been an early adopter and innovator of technology that both enables and enhances the marketing process. Since the early 1980s, Marcus & Millichap has maintained a central property and listing database to leverage the investor relationships of every agent in the organization.

The latest version of our internal marketing system (MNet) is an integrated web-based tool, which enables the instantaneous communication of listing information across the country. Once a listing is entered into the MNet system, agents are able to present and market the property directly to investors.

Direct Marketing

Upon listing a property, our powerful database matches the property with the most likely potential buyers locally, regionally and nationally. Offering memorandums and promotional materials are utilized to present the investment opportunity. Our investment professionals also match each listing with their personal databases and immediately contact qualified buyers whose requirements match the particular property. After specific investors are identified, a direct marketing campaign is initiated, followed by personal follow-up to all potential buyers.

Internal Communication

Marcus & Millichap is able to promote properties to the largest pool of qualified investors by leveraging our entire national sales force. Every Marcus & Millichap office conducts weekly sales meetings where investment properties are presented and discussed with the entire team. In addition, regional sales meetings and national intranet-based property presentations and conference calls are conducted regularly.


Marcus & Millichap actively advertises in national, regional and local publications to create the most effective exposure for exclusively listed properties where appropriate. Our advertising campaigns are used in conjunction with direct marketing and internal communications to maximize exposure.

Internet-Based Marketing

In addition to our powerful internal marketing system, MNet, Marcus & Millichap has been a pioneer in integrating a series of web-based tools and automated applications to quickly produce professional marketing materials. Our iMpact system is specifically designed to produce full offering memorandum in a high-quality professional format. Marketplace, another proprietary application, automates the process of generating e-presentations, executive summaries and websites that can be distributed to targeted buyers shortly after a property is listed with Marcus & Millichap and the Leisure Investment Property Group website.

Investment Market Expertise

Whether you are actively pursuing the sale of your real estate asset(s) or interested in maximizing returns during ownership, the Leisure Investment Properties Group of Marcus & Millichap’s unique investment expertise can help create value. Our extensive local market knowledge and property-type specialization enables us to advise owners on leading-edge pricing, property positioning and creating long-term investment strategies that support wealth generation and preservation.

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