It’s kind of crazy that in this day and age we have something called women’s tees.  Three reasons:  It’s prejudiced towards women, it slows play, and it does little to grow the game.  But there is a solution.  The industry should consider embracing a gender-neutral system by using numbered teeing stations instead of colors. Most

Investors are always looking for opportunities to buy right at the start of the uptrend — which perfectly describes the market for golf courses right now. Golf properties were hit hard in the Great Recession, but are now showing significant signs of improvement. “The golf industry has been in a state of recession since 2006.

Expect the sales market to move towards equilibrium To predict investor buying patterns, market cycles, inventory and seller sentiment relative to golf course properties for this year, it is enlightening to look at where we have come from the last few years. For example, the average golf course was on the market for 328 days

The golf industry tends to look at golf through a very small window in the clubhouse.  We tend to think what is happening to us is unique and that we are the only ones that have to deal with the type of issues we are faced with.  That could not be further than the truth.

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