The golf industry tends to look at golf through a very small window in the clubhouse.  We tend to think what is happening to us is unique and that we are the only ones that have to deal with the type of issues we are faced with.  That could not be further than the truth.

Commercial real estate investors have not been dissuaded by the economic and political turmoil that has dominated headlines in recent months. The same can be true for GOLF COURSE AND RESORT INVESTORS.  The last 12 months (10/2010-9/2011) showed year over year sales golf course sales are up by 11%.  FL Golf Central.Jan 2012 Golf &

Foreclosure and bankruptcy are ugly up options for struggling owners.  But there are other options when a bank calls your loan or you simply can’t make the payments any longer. Remember the old joke, “why do they call golf, golf?”  Answer:  “All the other four-letter words were taken!”   Today, banks seem to be the

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