For investors looking to buy leisure properties or portfolios, the Leisure Investment Properties Group offers comprehensive and research-driven national transaction solutions. Our golf course and marina brokers deliver outstanding results by seamlessly combining, the right asset with financing, equity, due diligence and valuation services to develop customized solutions for individual clients.

Investment Knowledge

If you are looking to transact in the leisure airspace, our team of golf course and marina brokers will guide you using extensive due diligence reporting and real-time market data, coupled with expertise in every aspect of leisure real estate investment services in their respective markets. You may be looking to acquire investment properties for short, medium or long-term gain or may be looking for value-add, cash flow, turn-around, distressed, note sales or other criteria. We can identify the most suitable opportunities in the market, regardless of your criteria.

Pre-Analyzed Inventory

We provide the largest inventory of exclusively listed leisure properties in the nation. Our inventory of income producing property is nationally recognized for its size, thoroughness and quality. Our underwriting standards and management-driven quality controls assure that every property represented is deliverable with credible and current information. Furthermore, our inventory is constantly changing and expanding, allowing our investment professionals in offices nationwide to provide investment opportunities to our clients.

While many investment brokers have assets on their website that are not listed, buyers have found sellers of these unlisted properties either don’t know their properties are being marketed and don’t really want to sell, are just testing the market or they are unreasonable in their price expectations. What that means to you as a buyer is a huge waste of time and money analyzing non-deliverable investment properties. In addition, these brokers put other company’s listings on their website because they have few, if any, of their own listings. What this means to you is that the investment  property is probably not deliverable, the information is most likely not going to be credible, and the broker has no influence. At the Leisure Investment Properties Group we only show our exclusively listed inventory on our website which means we:

  • Pre-analyze the information from the seller
  • Ensure it is underwritten correctly
  • Know the issues of each asset we have listed
  • Know that the numbers from the seller are credible
  • Have written a business plan for the new owner to follow
  • Have vetted the seller’s motivation
  • Have influence over the transaction process


National Inventory System (MNet)

If you are looking for an asset anywhere in the country, our agents share those listings internally, which other brokerage firms do not. The advantage to you as a buyer, is that you won’t miss a property that is a fit for your buying criteria because another agent kept the listing as a pocket-listing and didn’t share it. We are an open architecture team and all our agents know every leisure listing we have which benefits you as a buyer.

Below are services we perform for you on the acquisition side of the transaction:

  • Understanding your needs and buying criteria
  • Finding the asset that fits your needs
  • Gathering and reviewing property information on the asset
  • Analyzing the financial statements to determine the value of the property
  • Helping the buyer to write the LOI using our proprietary LOI (which protects buyers)
  • Locating and choosing legal representation
  • Negotiating and preparing a purchase contract
  • Help in providing the resources to complete the due diligence process
  • Help to secure financing
  • Finalizing the leisure property acquisition


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