Marina Industry Consolidation

Tuesday, 21 September 2021 by

Looking back at 2020 and well throughout the first half of 2021, consolidation is very much alive. At the institutional level we have seen numerous single-asset acquisitions and smaller portfolio sales; the success and outlook for these assets has captured the attention of private equity, family offices and REITs all around the country.  FY 2020/1H

Marinas: Supply & Demand Factors

Tuesday, 14 September 2021 by

The Demand Side Occupancy One of the factors that has driven both marina use and boat sales is the demographic shift in the US from COVID. Most marinas are in suburban and rural markets. Over the last 18 months, however, there has been a flight of people from big cities to less densely populated areas

Marina Financing: Madison One

Sunday, 12 September 2021 by

By: Jeff Grohs – Senior Business Development Specialist Financing Your Marina Marinas are a specialized asset class with many lenders exercising caution when a buyer seeks out loan. The lack of lending could force out buyers who either do not have the necessary equity to meet LTV (loan-to-value) requirements, or it could push an investment

Since March 2020 and well into the first half of 2021, COVID-19 affected the industry in ways no one could have predicted. While other industries were severely impacted, the pandemic quickly proved to play a strong role in the growth and success of marinas around the country (as well as other facets of the marine

Buyer Sentiment: FY 2020 & 1H 2021

Friday, 03 September 2021 by

The Marina Asset Class The marina industry is an increasingly sought-after asset class for many different investor profiles. We have conversations with groups of all equity sizes, ranging from high-net worth individuals and families to private equity, REITs, family offices and other institutional-level players. Over the last few years many institutional-grade platforms realized great success

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